Ongoing Projects

We are currently working on a double extension in Shenley Brook End Milton Keynes. Weather has not hindered us to much and progress is good. Here are a few pictures of the work so far.
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Is Your Roof Ready for Storms?

As this column was prepared, the Weather Channel was tracking a major snowstorm moving up the East Coast. Weather predictions like these are far more accurate today than they were just a few years ago, but our preparations for dealing with major weather events often aren’t taking advantage of those extra few hours or days. If a major storm is headed your way, use the extra time to make a contingency plan for your roof delineating necessary responsibilities before, during, and after the storm. When bad weather hits, you’ll be glad you did. WELL BEFORE Set up a meeting with your chief of maintenance or general contractor and other trades to address several issues. Identify
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Roofer working on a new dormer by hammering nails into the roof edge

6 Factors to Assess Roof Sustainability

Through its lifecycle, a roof has a variety of environmental impacts. However, many impacts can be controlled by building owners and facility managers, resulting in lower energy costs and longer service life.   Most buildings in the U.S. are under two stories and their roofs often represent the largest portion of their building envelopes. More heat energy is lost through roofs than walls and windows. If all U.S. buildings met the 2012 level of code-mandated insulation, 700 trillion BTUs of energy would be saved. Another aspect of environmental impact involves renewable energy production. If 25% of U.S. rooftops incorporated power from solar, the energy produced would be 25 times greater than the 21 billion kilowatt
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